Engraved Anniversary Stones Make the Perfect Gifts

Rock engraving

People who are looking for an unusual gift idea for an anniversary may want to consider looking at the engraved anniversary stones that are available, because engraved stones like anniversary stones make the perfect personalized gift. Also, engraved stones are a brilliant idea to use for trophies, thank you gifts and for various kinds of award gifts. People are even buying quirky gifts like dog memorial stones for people who have lost a beloved pet. If you have a wedding to go to, the custom engraved stones make unique wedding gifts too.

For some reason, people just simply love the idea of getting and giving anniversary stones and other types of engraved stones for special occasions like that. Did you know that 1.5 million “pet rocks” were sold in less than one year when they first hit the market? People have loved the idea of engraved stones since they first began doing petroglyphs on stones during prehistoric times. Stone carvings are among the earliest art form. People used to also communicate via engraved stones.

Cemetery monuments and engraved marker stones are done by abrasive blasting today. They used to be hand carved, which took a lot of time to do. You can have just about anything put on anniversary stones today. Anniversary stones commemorate the love a couple has for their union in marriage. The anniversary of one’s marriage is looked forward to by couples each year. Couples can give each other anniversary stones to commemorate their wedding date. People invited to a wedding anniversary party quite often want to come up with a unique and unusual idea to give the couple as a gift. Anniversary stones are perfect for this occasion. There are various stones one can get engraved to use as anniversary stones.

Anniversary stones can be engraved with the couples name and anniversary date on them. Most of the anniversary stones you see on the market are polished. Anniversary stones can also be purchased in different sizes. A small 3 to 5 inch stone can be engraved all the way up to a large stone of about 16 inches. You can usually be found about any size you like online. the larger stones can even have images engraved on them. There are different vendors online that sell these specially engraved stones for use as anniversary gifts and it can be a lot of fun just looking at all the ideas people come up with for engraving on anniversary stones online.

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