The Best Slim Straight Jeans Have a History

Shopping for jeans

Who does not wear jeans these days? About 450 million pairs of jeans are purchased by U.S. consumers each year, proving that everyone has at least a few pairs in their closets either taking up space or serving as that favorite pair to slip into after a long day of work. Whether they are the best slim straight jeans, the best bling jeans, the best embellished jeans, the best studded jeans or the best heavy stitch jeans, women in particular like to slip into them after the day is over … or before it has even begun.

The love affair that women have with jeans is a lengthy one spanning decades and even centuries. This ideal of the perfect pair began long ago when Jacob Davis (not Levi Strauss, as many people believed) first used copper rivets on jeans to solidify their look. Davis had insufficient funds for the rivets, though, so he decided to partner with Strauss on the designer concept. Today, women across the world buy their best slim straight jeans in stylish fashions in all sizes due to these pioneers’ best efforts to arm women and men with comfortable fits and versatile wears.

Jeans have a storied history, one involving the U.S. Navy of all places. In 1901, sailors switched over from wearing bell bottomed pants to wide legged jeans. But the fabric first was developed in France years earlier, and the word denim even gets its name from the town in the South of France in which it was first created. Denim is translated in French to mean de Nimes, or of Nimes, which is the name of the town in question.

The typical American woman today wears a size 12 jeans, making the best slim straight jeans different for each and every woman. Luckily, trying on various pairs of the best slim straight jeans on the market lets these women of all sizes … whether these women are a size 2 or a size 12 … find the ideal fit. When they are shopping for jeans, these women (and men) can try on dozens of pairs until the perfect fit has been discovered.

This is all part of the jean buying experience, one that does involve some time but that pays off in droves when the perfect pair is found. Jeans have been around for ages, and they are not going away anytime soon. The best slim straight jeans are comfortable, fun, versatile and extremely stylish.

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